IST 402: Emerging Issues and Technologies (Spring 2020)

Crowdsourcing & Crowd-AI Systems

Logistic for the Remote Period

  1. All the lectures during the remote period will be pre-recorded. The video will be available online to the students before each meeting time of the class.
  2. No quizzes during the remote period.


  1. Please bring a laptop (or a smartphone) to class.
  2. Please finish each day's required reading (1 to 2 papers) before class.
  3. We will have a quiz, containing 2 to 3 simple questions about that week's reading, at the beginning of each class. These quizzes must be completed while in class and without consultation with online resources.
  4. If you cheat, you fail the course. You are allowed to discuss assignments with others, but nothing written (on paper, in electronic format, on whiteboards, etc) should exist after these discussions.


The blue background highlights the Remote Period, when all the activities (lecture, presentation, meetings, etc) are moved to online.

Date Topics Required Readings (Please Finish Before Class)
1/14 (Tue)
  • Overview [Slides]
  • Assignment 0 Release (Please see Canvas for the due date.)
1/16 (Thu)
1/21 (Tue)
  • Human Computation [Slides]
  • Assignment 1 Release (Please see Canvas for the due date.)
1/23 (Thu)
1/28 (Tue)
  • High-Quality Human Annotations & How to Get Them [Slides]
  • Assignment 2-1 Release (Please see Canvas for the due date.)
1/30 (Thu)
  • Tutorial: Creating a Worker Interface Web Page, By Chieh-Yang Huang (TA) [Slides] [Code]
2/4 (Tue)
2/6 (Thu)
  • (Nearly) Real-time Crowdsourcing [Slides]
  • Final Project Release (Please see Canvas for the due date.)
2/11 (Tue)
  • Assignment 2-1 Presentation (1)
2/13 (Thu)
  • Assignment 2-1 Presentation (2)
2/18 (Tue)
  • Crowd-Powered Conversational Assistant [Slides]
  • Assignment 2-2 Release (Please see Canvas for the due date.)
2/20 (Thu)
  • Tutorial: Testing and Posting HITs to MTurk, By Chieh-Yang Huang (TA) [Slides] [Code]
2/25 (Tue)
2/27 (Thu)
3/3 (Tue)
  • Final Project Proposal Presentation (1)
3/5 (Thu)
  • Final Project Proposal Presentation (2)
3/10 (Tue)Spring Break - No Classes
3/12 (Thu)Spring Break - No Classes
3/17 (Tue) The Remote Period starts. Preparation For Remote Teaching. No Lecture.
3/19 (Thu)
3/24 (Tue)
3/26 (Thu)
3/31 (Tue)
4/2 (Thu) [Canceled] Rock Ethics Institute Lippin Lecture: Automating Inequality, By Virginia Eubanks

Optional Readings By Dr. Virginia Eubanks:

4/7 (Tue)
  • Final Project Office Hour (No Lecture)
4/9 (Thu)
  • Final Project Office Hour (No Lecture)
4/14 (Tue)
4/16 (Thu)
4/21 (Tue)
4/23 (Thu)
  • The Future of (Crowd) Work
4/28 (Tue)
  • Final Project Office Hour (No Lecture)
4/30 (Thu)
  • Final Project Office Hour (No Lecture)

Many materials are borrowed and modified from Jeff's class and Chris' class Thank you!